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Discussion in 'Fantasy Football' started by FinnishJET, Aug 5, 2022.

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    He will have to drop someone, probably a light-weight player, I'd look into that as a factor, if he has strong players he'll get weaker with his drop.

    Philly's schedule isn't that bad. I know its only 1 week but AJ Brown took a lot of catches away from Devonta Smith and aside from last year he's been healthy over his career and igles have the moustache as the QB back up so not much of a drop off if Hurts goes down .
    The Rams offense runs through Kupp but how healthy is Stafford? If he's not healthy it could be an issue for Kupp to come anywhere close to what he did last year, their back up QB isn't close to his level. Jets schedule is brutal through the bye week, not sure Moore will be a top WR over that period so it could be 9 games with mediocre results from Moore. I'd probably take the trade depending on who you can pick up on waivers and if you have a strong RB group so you can flex a RB in the w/r/t slot.
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    2-0 for the current champions, but we play another 2-0 team this week, will be an interesting game, we have a couple of banged up players already.
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    Coming for you ..
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