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Discussion in 'Jets Experience' started by 17a_tailgater, Feb 8, 2009.

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    Awesome on the fools part. Look at it this way. Shared venue, right? Exclusive rights to concerts if you have a PSL! Even if you don't, you should invite some Giants fans friends and share ass cheeks in the same seats for the same event for laughs. What a bunch of buffoons.
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    Any old timers around? I forgot about this site it’s been so long since I viewed. I don’t recognize most of the names. 10 years of losing again for lots of my friends has really changed things. Lots of my friends don’t follow this team like they used to in the off season and just wait till the season starts and don’t buy any of the hype on the QB and HC. I am sucker I guess. I have not changed except I don’t let the losses drag me down. I just stop reading and listening until the next game.
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    Dude! You and I have been on this thread for years. Every now and then I check to see how long it's been since the last post to give it a bump. I see your dismay in July, but how you feeling now? I went only once this year - an all-time low for me. It was the opener. I got rained on, the Jets were dominated, and I had screaming Ravens bitches sitting near us. Oh Joy. What a wonderful way to drop $300 plus. But, maybe things are changing for the better...

    OK, back to the topic at hand. Sunday the NFL plays its first game in Munich Germany! While we all watch the commercials and promos to build excitement for this game, you'll surely see images of the wonderful Allianz Arena. It's the stadium that can glow different colors and patterns, to change it's appearance depending on the team playing there. I believe the stadium is shared by two teams (Sound familiar?) When MetLife was proposed, it was Allianz Arena - new at the time, that was given to us as an example of how high tech lighting would alter the appearance of our new stadium. We would be getting something like this.

    LOL. MetLife compared to Allianz looks like the two strands of Christmas lights one house on your block puts up the week before Christmas and looks like hell compared to others.
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    another year down in the mausoleum. which only means another year closer to being able to get out of the lease in 2025, but they have to give 12 months notice. so its not too far off from the time that they can actually give us something to look forward to.. stupid stadium, absolutely ruined the game day experience.

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