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The Dark Admin, 2018 BEST Darksider Poster, Male, from "717"

When it comes to the Jets, I'm from Missouri... "Show Me!" Feb 20, 2014

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    1. SOJAZ
      Cman65.... this is a letter I drafted to send to CJ and JD. I like to post it to forum but really want you feedback... I taken some posters comments and while I change some of their words , I think it would be appropriate for them to at least acknowledge it. Thoughts \.....
      Mr. Johnson and Mr. Douglass,

      maybe I can send you the doc via email let me know, its a little verbose steve
    2. GastineauGotRobbed
      I’m requesting a username change. GreenChiliD. Thanks.
    3. FlaJet
      Pls pm me the streaming site. Is it the frodo stream. Either way I lost it and would really appreciate it. Thank U so very much
      1. Cman65
        Oct 17, 2016
    4. JetsFanDoc
      Hey I was trying to PM you but not sure how to. I was interested in a name change for me. Is that possible?
    5. nyjets21
      Hey Cman. Can I have a name change to jetlife21 if available? Appreciate it and thanks for the hard work.
    6. greaser
      So yeah, the member New England Patriots. Can we jettison him from the airlock please? He is full of one liner antagonistic posts and unless I'm missing something, this seems to be his sole purpose for being here.
      Some pats fans do enrich the board but this guy does not.
    7. championjets69
    8. JStokes
      This new guy Roger is putting my real last name out on the board and that's not acceptable. Soxx did this before and I'm guessing it's him. He's been trolling me for a few days and I can defend myself but it's not right to put my last name out there.
    9. championjets69
    10. jets69
      Is there any chance you could edit my screen name just want the j uppercase
    11. Cman65
      When it comes to the Jets, I'm from Missouri... "Show Me!"
    12. KWJetsFan
      allan1's latest post: "I would love to see ginns leg ripped apart after 2009"

      Sorry to complain, but didn't you just warn this guy like 5 minutes ago? All his posts are wishing injury, death and cancer on people (and I'm not even exaggerating). Worst kind of Jets fan.
    13. Kentucky Jet
      Kentucky Jet
      Kentucky Jet
      Originally Posted by Kentucky Jet
      I am posting here to ask for your help in aiding a fellow Jets fan.

      Tim Brady (TBrady) is an admin/mod on Jets Addicts board and has been for 15 years. Last month his 13 year old daughter went in for surgery to have a cyst removed from her brain. While the surgery was successful and the cyst removed, she had some complications. The long and short of it is she lost all of her motor skills and now has to relearn how to walk, talk, eat, dress, etc. It's going to be a long and difficult road but her doctors are opptomisitic.

      Currently Tim has taken a leave from his job and moved from his home to take care of her while she is in a rehab facility in NJ. They will likely be there for 4-6 months and insurance will cover some but not all of the massive costs Tim is likely going to incur along the way.

      The page is called Alyssa Brady Health Fund and it explains in much greater detail the situation she is going through.
    14. Al Dorow
      Al Dorow
      Can you explain WHY the "Belicheat" thread was closed? It is a very good debate topic.
    15. ThunderbirdJet
      CMan... are you in Jersey or PA? I'm moving to PA this spring, closing on 1/31.
    16. Run_N_gun10
      I would like to know why my WR thread I started was not only removed, but has vanished ???
    17. Run_N_gun10
      Hey...who moved my thread & why ???
    18. JetD
      Hi, never posted a thread, having trouble getting started........can ya help......been on the board for long time
    19. thirtyoddfreestyle
      Dear sir. I apologize for my inappropriate comments after a lack luster performance. Please forgive me as I let my profound passion overwhelm my sense of reasoning. I have been a poster on this board since before the new format came in over a decade ago. I did not berate any other user or use profanity. Please please, cut me some slack I beg you

      Long time greenblood

      Thank you
    20. JohnnyJohnson
      So I get my thread deleted and momentarily banned for pointing out how bad this team is? Really?
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