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  1. Passepartout
  2. TitansOfNY
    "When we do good nobody remembers, When we do bad nobody forgets. "
  3. Passepartout
    Father's Day 2020!
  4. Passepartout
    Ready for June and Summertime
  5. SOJAZ
  6. Passepartout
    Happy Memorial Day 2020
  7. Footballgod214
    Footballgod214 Leicester Jet
    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Thanks for my 3000th 'like'. Much appreciated. You Brits are OK! On a side note (sad note?) I heard NFL International games are cancelled this year. You might have to fly over the pond to catch the Jets! I'd recommend waiting for our game against the Pats OR go big and wait for the SUPERBOWL!!
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  8. Passepartout
    Stay Home and Stay Safe
  9. GastineauGotRobbed
    GastineauGotRobbed Cman65
    I’m requesting a username change. GreenChiliD. Thanks.
  10. Joe D MVP
  11. Passepartout
    Stay Safe and Stay Home
  12. Passepartout
    In This Together
  13. DefenseWinsChampionships
    All good @Harpua you're good in my book man
  14. Harpua
    Harpua DefenseWinsChampionships
    There was a heyday of this site with people lie Brad, and Biggs, and Me and several others where differing opinions were the every day talk in a intelligent manner. we could get back to that . maybe.
  15. Harpua
    Harpua DefenseWinsChampionships
    So part two because apparently 420 characters is a thing. Keep doing your thing. Yes I'm crude. yes I disagree with you alot. I don't want to silence your. I want you to come more to the center, which is what I view as the truth.
  16. Harpua
    Harpua DefenseWinsChampionships
    Hey, I know I'm an asshole ... but i've some how managed to raise two very wonderful, successful responsible kids. They are more than able to discuss and disagree with me with both passion and reason. To me that is the greatest thing I will ever achieve. I mean no ill will towards you. When I said you could be a writer i meant it. You have passion that I find ... overzealous.
  17. Clint
    J... E...T.... S JETS JETS JETS!!
  18. Inigo Montoya
    Inigo Montoya
    Non-Trolling Bills Fan
  19. Passepartout
    St Patrick's Day!
  20. Passepartout
    March Madness