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  1. Cman68
  2. 101GangGreen101
  3. abyzmul
    Platinum goblets of Bolivian baby snot.
  4. abyzmul
  5. Yankee6
    Yankee6 NCJetsfan
  6. The_Darksider
    Same Old Jets until they're not.
  7. JetmanJosh
    JetmanJosh Nyjets4eva
    Hey man...Can I please have a link to tomorrow's game? Asking you early as I won't be around early in the day...
    1. Nyjets4eva
      Send me a DM
      Oct 8, 2023
  8. coloradojet
    coloradojet Nyjets4eva
    Need link to KC game. Thanks.
    1. Nyjets4eva
      DM me
      Oct 1, 2023
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  9. DetroitRed
  10. DetroitRed
    Damn I trigger
  11. K'OB
    K'OB LAJet
    Do you have private messages turned off?
    1. LAJet
      I honestly don’t know. Where is that feature
      Nov 4, 2022
    2. K'OB
      Found it
      Nov 4, 2022
    3. K'OB
      you click on a persons name and it is an option in the box that appears 'start a conversation' I couldn't see it earlier but it is there now, message sent
      Nov 4, 2022
  12. JetmanJosh
    JetmanJosh Nyjets4eva you have links to Sundays game?
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    2. JetmanJosh
      Thank you! Much appreciated!!
      Oct 21, 2022
    3. Nyjets4eva
      Send me a DM I don’t know if I can post it here
      Oct 23, 2022
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    4. JetmanJosh
      Trying to figure out how to do that...
      Oct 23, 2022
  13. NYJetsO12
    NYJetsO12 NCJetsfan
    I am actually psyched for the next game at GB
    Gut says the Jets pull off a shocker
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  14. Yankee6
  15. papapump
    papapump Nyjets4eva
    Hey there,

    Any steam suggestions would be appreciated. Ct has decided to feature the Pats, ugh. I am papapump on TGG.

  16. LAJet
    LAJet Nyjets4eva
    This is LAJet. What is the free streaming service you recommend. Thanks and go Jets
  17. KWJetsFan
    KWJetsFan Acad23
    Hey brother! I'm ashamed to admit this but I went to try to post a picture of my tattoo and realized that despite being here 12 years I have absolutely no idea how to do it. How exactly do you post a picture you have taken from your phone?
    1. Acad23
      Probably more trouble than it's worth...
      Jun 16, 2022
  18. Ralebird
    Ralebird Brook!
    Do what you need to do. Bickety mentioned me with made up BS, unprovoked, in post #210 to which I responded. Joe and Vilma popped in to attack nothing I said on topic, just me personally. I see that Joe has just continued his off topic nonsense but I'm the one suspended?
    1. Brook!
      Rale. Please trust my judgement. Joe was banned 6 month each twice. bickety was also banned by another moderator. You sometimes take things too personal. You are only banned from this thread. Free to post any other thread.
      May 28, 2022
    2. Ralebird
      You may want to keep in mind that Vilma is one who often will attack not what I say about a topic, but me personally as he has done here. At least Bickety started on topic but let his imagination draw me in. Can I not defend that? Joe? I haven't seen him post anything topic related ever.
      May 28, 2022
    3. Brook!
      Not going to get into details Rale. You are a good poster. I didn't ban you from the board Just from one thread. Please take a break from that thread and you will thank me later. :)
      May 28, 2022
  19. My favorite Martian28
    My favorite Martian28
    Off season. Time to study for the draft.
  20. Richard Lyman