Wild Card Game

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    I imagine that we'll only keep one other starting pitcher on the team for this game which opens up the bench possibilities for this team.

    I think it would be extremely stupid to start Romine at catcher and Sanchez at DH. Sanchez also has a much better arm than Romine.

    I would like to see this lineup.

    1 - LF Brett Gardner
    2 - CF Aaron Hicks
    3 - RF Aaron Judge
    4 - C Gary Sanchez
    5 - SS Didi Gregorius
    6 - 1B Greg Bird
    7 - 2B Starlin Castro
    8 - 3B Todd Frazier or Chase Headley
    9 - DH Jacoby Ellsbury

    Sit Holliday down even though he hit a dinger today. He hasn't played very well this year. Give the swing leadoff thing at the bottom of the lineup with Ellsbury hitting 9th.

    I think Headley will play against right handed Santana. Frazier is the better defender but it's not like Headley is a bad defender (this year at least).

    I could see Bird hitting 5th since he's so hot right now. I could also see Girardi sticking with Judge-Sanchez-Didi in the 2-3-4 holes since it's worked. Hicks opens up more possibilities in the 2 hole though and stretches the lineup out.
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    On paper, it’s hard to see yanks losing this one.

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